WankzVR talks about VR Porn for Women

‘Virtual reality porn doesn’t have to be creepy’. That’s the message of the managing director of one of the largest and most innovative VR porn companies – WankzVR. Bradley Phillips was speaking in an online interview at Inverse.com about the particular demands of shooting porn that caters for women, and also the huge market potential it represents.

“We really looked at virtual reality as an opportunity,” WankzVR’s Managing Director Bradley Phillips tells Inverse.

Phillips is quick to point out that most people think about porn as adult content that’s generally consumed by men. In reality, there’s a lot of women who are consuming adult content everyday. A survey conducted by Marie Claire found that 31 percent of respondents watched porn every week or so, with 10 percent saying they consumed it daily. With that in mind, WankzVR debuted three female POV videos last week: “The Pool Boy,” “Sunday Morning,” and “Sharing is Caring.” The explicit triptych provides a view into a pool boy fantasy and some bi-curious explorations.

Phillips also stresses that the female POV content of Wankz differs from other attempts in that great care has been taken to ensure that it feels right for a female viewer.

“In the few instances where they were able to find content that was produced from the female’s point of view, they were finding that content very creepy,” Phillips says, adding that creepy was the best of it. “They were finding that it was immersive enough that they felt there was honestly a lack of consent on their side. They felt they were being violated, virtually through this video.”

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